Bluesky Library

A vast collection of existing fragrances and new ones that are created in a daily basis require to be properly stored and organized.  The 2 main users (Perfumers and sales team) needed to have easy access to those fragrances in order to improve their workflow and productivity.

The solution had to provide to the users the ability to browse, organize and discover all fragrances in a easy to use and visual appealing interface. After an analysis and conception phase, 3 principles (Network, Centralization and Global) stand out as the main concepts that needed to be reflected in our visual solution. To translate these in visual terms, we decided to use the dandelion as a graphic metaphor, where all seeds ( fragrances) regardless the number, converge in just one nucleus. This allowed us to display as many fragrances as required without any limitations, stimulating at the same time browsing and discovery,

Data organization & fragance composition

 Given the amount of fragrances it was necessary to establish search criteria and categories to make the browsing and search experience more easy and natural for the user. Part of the categorization was based on the fragrance process creation itself. Within each category several subcategories could be chosen an applied to narrow down the options presented to the user.  

Searching Process

The user could start by entering any keyword or by selecting a predefined category. The fragrances will be reorganized in a way the user can interact with each one of the results.

Subcategory Results

Once a subcategory has been chosen (sparkling), the fragrances will be reorganized in a way the user can interact with each one of the results. The number of results is shown next to the search query, The user may apply more filters to narrow down the results. Aditionally a complete list of the results will appear right next to the visualization as an alternative navigation system.

Fragrance Detail

Once a fragrance was selected additional actions were available to the user such as share, add to user's library or fragrance history. These actions aimed to help  both the Perfumer and the sales person tasks and workflow. 

Libraries and Fragrance reservation

A profile facilitates the organization and management of fragrances. Sales team will benefit from this because they will be able to reserve, create different clients and check fragrances status. Perfumers can also storage their creation in a single place under their profiles, see ingredients variations and manage different projects.