Camera Matchmaker

UX process / design solution

When people is shopping online, choose an specific product and actually take the decision to purchase, it requires a great effort from the user, it is a time demanding task  and ultimately might affect the completion of the transaction. In the case of online shopping for cameras, the experience could be overwhelming and frustrating as well, with so many options, technical details and variants, it is hard to get to a final decision, even more when the user is not a camera expert. To ease the search process and help the user to choose the best camera, we created a wizard companion that will assist, inform and guide  the user to determine the best option for their specific needs. 


The wizard has 5 questions and a final phase where the results were shown.Each question has a specific icon related with the topic so if the user wanted to edit the answer to a previous question he/she could recognize the question by the icon on the main navigation.

Decision Support

Within each step, a dedicated section will explain to the user why that topic is important and how would influence the type of camera that will be recommended afterwards. Complex topics like megapixels or digital zoom will be explained to the user so they can understand better and take a better decision. 

UI Recurrent interactions

Visual components and some interactions are based on familiar  behaviours, buttons and actions that is customary when a person interact with a camera. 

Top suggestions

After have completed the wizard and based on the answers chosen by the user, the wizard will show the best option for the user. The wizard makes easier what was a hard task to do. It supports and guides the user throughout the entire process. From the user point of view,  the purchase experience is smoother and simpler, what was several variants and options to take in to account now is a step by step system, that ease the process and improve the experience.