Optik TV is reaching new costumers and ways to consume content in different platforms. The challenge is to create a seamless TV experience regardless of the format where the content is consumed.

Purchase Flow - Content organized by type of purchase

The way the content was organized was making the purchase process more difficult and cumbersome for the user. The user was exposed to a long list of assets for all formats available and different types of transactions. Content layout and poor interactions required unnecessary modals and steps for the user for task completion.

Road Map Visualization

The objective is to visualize the different touch points and actions involved in the deployment of different phases of the project and highlight possible issues or unexpected outcomes that will come up later in the process and affect timelines and stakeholders expectations. With this information available product owners and project managers could reassess and better manage priorities, requirements, timelines and resources.

PIN Management Flow

Due to technological constraints if the user wanted to create or manage Parental and Purchase PIN, they had to leave and perform these tasks in a different browser modal outside of the application. This uncommon flow required a deep understanding of all variables,conditions and possible outcomes that the user could expect for everything related to PIN Management. The task flow diagram help to understand the different task involved, the process, different environments and inconsistencies with previous solutions proposed.

User Journey Profile Creation

Profile creation within the app targeted 3 types of users: Admin, Standard and Kid profiles. A user journey profile creation was necessary to identify different needs, requirements and technical constraints in different phases of profile creation. Different platforms and touchpoints were included on this journey for the experience should be consistent regardless the platform. In addition to this, issues were flagged and improvements were proposed.

User Interface